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AxPower is a division of AMAX Electronics Pty Ltd. At AMAX we specialise in electronic and electrical installations with 20 years of experience. Our installers are product certified with customer satisfaction in mind.

With the rising energy costs, constant load shedding and the environmental impact of generating electricity, solar energy has increasingly become a sought-after source of electricity for commercial and residential use.

Installing a solar system can become a costly exercise. With our guidance we can set you on the right path to phase your installation over a period of time.

Phase 1

Power Backup during load shedding
Installation of Inverter and Batteries

Phase 2

Cost saving on Electricity bill
Solar panels

Why Ax-Power

With the current electricity situation there are a lot of so-called installers that is jumping on the bandwagon. Please ensure that you choose a creditable installer with the necessary experience and infrastructure to provide a professional installation and after sales support.

Why Ax-Power

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