Residential Solutions

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Residential Solutions
3KW Standby Inverter Solution with Lithium Ion Battery (Solar Ready)

Inverter Systems

The unit is permanently connected to utility power so that while mains is present the built-in battery charger recharges the batteries and keeps the batteries fully charged until a power failure occurs. Most modern inverters has the ability to add solar panels at a later stage.

The equipment you want to back up is also permanently connected via the system. In case of a power failure the backup system automatically switches over, via an extra fast transfer switch to the inverter, which will continue to provide power to the equipment. This is extremely fast and standard equipment like TVs, DSTV decoders, computers, routers, etc. are unaffected. Some electronic equipment might reset during the switch over.

When utility power returns, the whole procedure is reversed, and the unit will switch back to utility power and will automatically start re-charging the batteries. One must ensure that the charging rate is sufficient to fully charge the batteries between loadshedding sessions. Your equipment remains connected to the system even when power is restored. The whole process is fully automatic.

Starting From:

R 45 000.00

Grid Tied Solar Solutions

The advantages of a grid tied solution is that the system provides power to the home or business from 3 different sources. These sources can be prioritised as they are available, for instance:

  1. Solar
    With enough solar panels solar can power your entire home or business, should the solar panels not generate enough power, the system will draw the shortfall from the grid (if available) or batteries, lowering costs on your electricity bill.
  2. Grid
    The grid will power your home and charge the batteries during night times.
  3. Battery
    Batteries will provide power only if grid and solar is not available. (Loadshedding or power outage at night)

Furthermore, to avoid a costly installation, smaller systems can be installed to only power certain circuits in your home, such as lights and selected outlets for computers, TV’s and Internet routers.

Starting From:

R77 500.00

Off Grid Solutions

Standalone or Off-Grid Solar Systems are installed in situations where mains power is not available, or the client wishes to become completely independent of the grid. All power is generated by the solar panels; a battery bank stores excess power for use at night or when the sun is not shining.


Starting From:

R 120 000.00


Do you already own a generator, or want an additional generator added? Why not speak to Axpower about incorporating it into the design of your system as in the configuration above. With three possible sources of power for your load, you are sure not to run short of power in a hurry!

We also provide services and maintenance.

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