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Axpower and your low-carbon future

Draft legislation has already introduced energy management plans, carbon tax, carbon offsets and carbon budgets in South Africa.

With Axpower’s Energy management and solar systems, you will be able to benefit from these regulations as soon as carbon trading becomes operational here.

South Africa’s ratification of the Paris Agreement in 2016 signals that switching to green energy will determine future success and sustainable growth for enterprises and communities.

Axpower and your low-carbon future

Axpower and your bottom line

Solar systems are rapidly reducing in cost, while grid electricity becomes ever more expensive. Let us lead you into the future of energy efficiency.

The process:

Energy consumption monitoring.

Each machine, department or section will be fitted with a estron messering instrument that will measure the consumption over time.

Corrective measures

After gathering all the relevant data, an in depth study will be made on the energy consumption. A corrective efficiency plan/roadmap will be drafted, taking various factors into account such as phase alignment, startup consumption etc.


Customisation of monitoring software with the relevant alarms, warnings, and reporting. Installation of necessary equipment to provide an increase in efficiency and backup power systems. Previous installations have proven to provide additional data such as productivity measurement, shift efficiency, tool change periods and reducing on overtime.

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